Funny Stuff #1

[Silverback Dave (Tucson SBs) and I went to the same college at the same time, but never met until our paths crossed in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico more than 50 years after graduation. Although he comes across in real life as a reasonable and serious person, in the world of electrons he is a boundless source of all things moronic, sophomoric, and in poor taste. In other words, he’s wicked funny. Here’s a sampling of recent postings. SB SM]

Musicians pose with their younger selves.

Sez SB Dave: “Here’s how I fantasize my arrival at the pearly gates.

4 thoughts on “Funny Stuff #1

  1. Love it, made me laugh out loud!🤣And Keith Richards with his younger self was right on; he was born with a wizened, drug- and booze-ravaged face!👏🏼

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