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[This list breaks things down by profession, not a bad organizing principle. Best advice from a Silverback and lifelong publisher … timing trumps talent, but when you have both, magic can occur. What sayest thou, Silverbacks? We have a wide cross-sections of professional talent out there in The Jungle–teachers, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs– what’s your top tip? Enter in the comments section below. SB SM]

Best advice from different professionals

Someone on Reddit asked “What’s your best advice from your profession?” and below is a summary of the most upvoted answers. — CD [There are many other tips to view by clicking the link. SB SM]

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  • Doctor: Never be afraid to get a second opinion. If your doctor is offended, that’s one more reason to get one.
  • Teacher: Read to your kids from infancy, make books commonplace, and point out things in the pictures. This helps them develop literacy skills from an early age.
  • Plumber: Check your basement weekly for leaks or signs of damage, and change your air filter regularly.
  • Auto insurance adjuster: Get a dashcam to protect yourself in case of accidents or disputes.
  • Librarian: Ditch Audible and get a library card to listen to free audiobooks. Many libraries offer apps where you can download audiobooks straight to your phone.
  • Government worker: Find life satisfaction outside of the workplace.
  • Sales: Never celebrate until the money is in your account, regardless of how many times the client said yes or if there are signed documents.
  • HR: Underpromise, overdeliver, and keep your mouth shut to maintain a good reputation at work.
  • Writer and Publisher (SB SM): Timing Trumps Talent. Timing + Talent = Triumph

Now, Silverbacks … add your best piece of professional advice (enter in comments or email SB SM]

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  1. Hmmm…Okay, Stephen, here are a few for you from a writer:
    -Want to be a better writer? Read a wide variety of material written by others. Reading is your gym.
    -Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone is looking for an opportunity to tell it. Give people a chance to be heard and you’ll uncover riches.

  2. On Team Building:
    There is no substitute for good chemistry. You can teach techniques, products, services, etc., We all know about the one rotten apple in the barrel.

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