This is Why We Don’t Do Politics in The Jungle

[I first heard of Oliver Anthony from SB Greg, my songwriting partner. Evidentially, his name came up during the first Republican Presidential debate that I didn’t watch. Now that I’ve done a search on him, I can’t turn on my computer without seeing his face a dozen times. He’s controversial, because the two warring factions in American politics can’t seem to agree (surprise!!) which side he is on. As a result, everyone wants a piece of his ass. SB SM]

Oliver Anthony belts it out.

[Oliver’s backstory, revolving around factory work and living out of his car, seems written by central casting. Isn’t it a shame that when something new comes along these days, our immediate inclination is to question its authenticity. As Oliver says, “It’s a damn shame.”

I’m gullible, so I believe him. Meanwhile, I know for sure that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Here a guy named Merkules raps over Anthony’s anthem. He begins by lip-synching, then goes into his own rap. SB SM]

[In the movie theaters there’s a phenomenon of a different ilk. While Barbie was the unquestioned box office blockbuster, there’s another film creating a stir, reportedly playing to sold out theaters across the country. There are, however, reports of sold out “phantom” theaters where tickets are not available, but there’s no one sitting in the seats. Here’s the official trailer for Sound of Freedom. It will take 2:59 of your time. SB SM]

[Is it legit or fake news? Have illusions of shortage created a false buzz? I don’t know. I’m just a lowly sub-human living in a mythical jungle. I do know, however, that a wise man, Samuel Johnson, once said “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” and judging by the background music in this trailer, someone is playing fast and loose with our heartstrings. SB SM]

What sayest thou, Silverbacks? Are Oliver Anthony and The Sound of Freedom grassroots phenomena, or are we pawns in the game? Share your thoughts with others in The Jungle.

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