The West Brookfield Classic

Like all great ideas, The Classic was conceived on a cold winter’s night when summer seemed a thousand … a million years away. It was at the McKeon’s house. Someone (Greg Schipa? John McKeon?) said “Wouldn’t it be incredible if next summer we could get in good enough shape to run all the way around the West Brookfield valley.”

That’s impossible, we all agreed … but it’s a great idea. The seed of The Classic was planted in the cold and frozen ground.

By Labor Day, the following summer, we were in good enough shape to run the grueling 7.9 mile course, known as The Loop.

The full story of the ten year history of The Classic can be found on this rather primitive website.

It won’t mean a lot if you weren’t part of it, but it’s an example of what can happen in a small rural community when people put their heads together in the quest to have fun. Here’s a collection of images from the decade of The Classic:

Here are the full-size originals:

3 thoughts on “The West Brookfield Classic

  1. Community fun – what a wonderful concept!
    Liked the “torture (run) and indulgence (imbibe) ” duality!!
    Thanks for sharing-
    Happy Labor Free Weekend as we enjoy days of swimming, kayaking and reading at family cottage on Island Pond, Stoddard, NH = Roland Merullo’s “Harvest of Secrets”, Mitch Albom’s “The Stanger in the Lifeboat” and Ruth Izeki’s “The Book of Form and Emptiness”

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