Bright College Years, Part 2 … Tully

(Tully Luke Goldrick graduates from Yale on May 23 with a BA Degree in Psychology, the same degree that Silverback Stephen graduated with back in 1970. Tully, a member of the Yale class of 2021, is graduating a year late due taking two semesters off during the pandemic. Ironically, Silverback Stephen will be in New Haven that same week due to his 50th Reunion being called off for the very same reason. What goes ’round …)

Here’s Tully and his first grown-up trip to the Big Apple:

Tully and girlfriend Alexandra Thomas are featured in the May issue of 802- Blue, the online newsletter of the Yale Club of Vermont of which Grandpa Silverback is President.

This shows Tully and Alex as they prepare to Green-Up the Gilead for their Yale Day of Service, an annual event where Yale alums volunteer service to their local community for the day.

How this came about is a long and not very interesting story. But here are a couple of short videos of the Green Mountain Bulldogs in action:

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  1. Best wishes to you Tully as you graduate from Yale. May your future years be full of adventure, challenge, and success. Good luck and enjoy the road you travel.

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