We’ve Lost a Beloved Silverback

A loved, respected, admired, gentle, kind, and all-around awesome Silverback has left us for that greater Jungle in the sky. SB Derrick (Gilead SBs) was both the ultimate SB, but also the quintessential Vermonter. What makes a quintessential Vermonter? Well, he has to be a dairy farmer. And he has to prefer Jerseys over those walking Ben & Jerry’s billboards. (Move the slider bar left and right.)

And he has to make maple syrup during Mud Season, and to do it in the world’s most picturesque setting. That means being a proud participant in the greater farming community as a member of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, the Traditional Maple Farmers, and the Grange, someone who is a fixture at the Tunbridge World’s Fair.

And you have to be a family man, with four sons, who will hopefully find a way to keep the family farming tradition alive. And you have to respect and provide for the Silverbelle Lady who provided you with those sons and who drives a mean tractor herself.

And you have to be a good neighbor who supplies the gardeners of Gilead Brook Road with mulch hay and manure, and who always has time for a little visitin’ after the delivery. It seems like just yesterday when Rick delivered maple syrup destined for delivery to other Silverbacks … and that’s because it was just yesterday.

Life is short and sweet, like sugarin’. RIP Silverback Derrick Wright of Gilead Brook Farm.

3 thoughts on “We’ve Lost a Beloved Silverback

  1. Those examples and memories of “good living” remain always.
    Thanks for sharing Rick’s story.

  2. What a lovely and loving tribute! Sincere condolences to you and his Silver Belle and all who knew and loved him.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful neighbor and hard working SB. He will be missed by many I’m sure. Hopefully his family will carry on his legacy in the sugar house and farm. May he Rest In Peace.

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