Pie, anyone?

E. B. White left out a line: And to a Red Sox fan, a Yankee is the lowest form of life on Earth.

It’s my birthday and Sandy makes me a cherry pie, my favorite. Although I must confess to liking all her pies.

This is an apple galette which is more of a fruit tart cooked on a baking sheet, but it’s really just a rectangular pie.

Rhubarb is called “the pie plant,” because pies are the best way to counter rhubarb’s natural puckerability. She’s a purist and will not mix with strawberries the way a lot of people like it.

When she makes a pie for a visitor she places it strategically by the kitchen window so that it will be the first thing that the people will see as they come up the front steps. Fiendish, isn’t she?

Tomorrow we’ll get back to the overall silliness and profound inspiration that you’ve come to expect from Silverback Digest. Vermont Yankees may eat their pie for breakfast, but I’m going to save mine for dinner.

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