On the Question of Harems

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In a prior post on SD I openly declared my love for LiZiqi. She films many of these segments by herself, setting the camera in a fixed position, the moving into the frame. I find the finished product appealing and sensuous.

Several SBs, knowing that I am happily married to SB Sandy, questioned the wisdom of this, fearing it might start a rumble in the jungle. But forming troops and harems is part of the natural order for gorillas. Check out this post from GorillaHighlands.com:


So, it’s ok to establish a harem, change troop loyalty, or whatever so long as … and this is the key … JUST KEEP IT IN THE JUNGLE. It’s like when Jimmy Carter said this in his Playboy interview:

Jimmy got a Get-out-of-jail-free card on this one. He and Rosalind remain happily married. In conclusion Silverbacks or Silverbelles are free to maintain a personal harems, just keep it in the jungle!

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