In the Past Year …

Best of the ‘Gest

A poem about getting better.

[A poem by SB SM, now a year older and, thus, a year better.]

In the past year

I got out of the car while it was still in gear.

I went swimming with my wallet in my pocket,

Took a shower with hearing aids in my ears,

Tossed my phone into a basket marked “return audio devices here,”

And found my passport in the recycling bin.

I lost my wedding ring at the supermarket,

Tripped on two sidewalks, and slipped on the ice while getting the mail.

Found the ring, stopped the car, and still have the phone.

I am, I conclude,

a fine wine that keeps improving with age.

A tip of the hat to Jerry Chase, a high school classmate, and now a Quaker Silverback, pictured above flanked by classmates Al Hunt and Bill Wheeler.

2 thoughts on “In the Past Year …

  1. Great entry – here’s one from us from our recent crossing from Washington over Columbia River to Astoria Oregon = Stopped at “Dismal Snitch” where the Lewis and Clark party in 1805 after 4000 miles looking for the river network hoped to transverse America – but does not exist- met the really “dangerous” situation of trying to canoe across the wild and wide (more than 2 miles) Columbia River. A storm hit for a week, they almost capsized and,struggled into shore, pelted with rain and with almost no food until a canoe of Natives , masters at navigating these waters came by and sold the party some fish- Lewis/or Clark named this “Dismal Nitch” the best name ever for the worst place….

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