Best Meal of My Life … SB Greg

[Silverback Greg (Rhode Island SBs) has a fishy best meal like SB Jerry’s]

Arbutus Lodge, Glanmire Road Middle, CORK CITY, Cork, CORK - Buildings of  Ireland

In 1977 I travelled around Ireland with a good friend and his family, Irish all (except me-I’m Scottish). One night we dined at the Arbutus Lodge in Cork City, County Cork. The lodge sat on the famed River Lee where fishermen from around the world fished for spawning Atlantic salmon, using mostly dapping fly rods. Many would fish all day, bringing food and drink with them. We befriended a French chap and learned a lot about technique as we were avid fly fishers.

My seven years of French in school paid off a little. We asked what he did with the fish he caught. You guess it. He and others sold just about everything they caught to the lodge.

The lodge’s signature dish was same-day-caught poached Atlantic salmon prepared in a buttery sauce with a hint of dill. I ordered a bib like salad whose leaves were as tender as a first kiss. A delicious bread pudding for dessert was almost anticlimactic.

I have never had anything quite like it since. The fish literally melted in your mouth.

The lodge won numerous one or two star Michelin Awards through the years, but unfortunately closed in 2002 before I had a chance to go back.

I can still taste that salmon now!!

[For those of you ignorant gorillas unfamiliar with dapping, here’s a brief introduction. SB SM]

[The person in the photo below is NOT SB Greg, but rather, SB Jon, shown with the salmon referenced in Sunday’s post by SB Jerry. Writes Jon “I am Jerry Chase’s brother, and can attest (to the best of my ability to remember things 56 years ago) that the above account is true, with this exception: I recall that Jerry’s salmon, larger than mine, were 25 and 20 pounds, respectively, not just the 15 pounds he mentions. Seeing those fish jump several feet clear out of the water trying to throw the hook was an unforgettable thrill. I can’t imagine too many parents these days who would give their kids a car and send them off across the country for two months, but it was the best summer of our lives.”

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