Best Meal of My Life … SB Greg

[Silverback Greg (Rhode Island SBs) has a fishy best meal like SB Jerry's] In 1977 I travelled around Ireland with a good friend and his family, Irish all (except me-I'm Scottish). One night we dined at the Arbutus Lodge in Cork City, County Cork. The lodge sat on the famed River Lee where fishermen from... Continue Reading →

Book Recommendations from Ireland

[published originally by SB Deborah McDermott in her blog] Greetings from Corofin, and my apologies for the long hiatus. Blame it on summer, a rather unplanned move to new digs in town, and a quick trip back to the states to meet my daughter and work on her wedding in Maine next summer. Whew!... Continue Reading →

Silverbelle Deborah’s Two Homes

Tomorrow in the Digest: Kleptoparasitism Deborah McDermott The swans are back! I was not expecting them yesterday when I brought my book down to the banks of Lake Atedaun for a bit of sun and reading on a glorious, warm afternoon. Perhaps it was the tinkling sound of gravel under my foot, perhaps it was... Continue Reading →

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