June, 2013 Truck Day to Duck Day

Sailboats in the Harbor

Sailing - Boston Harbor - Boston Skyline | Boston Harbor | FL Smith | Flickr
This is the June summary of Boston’s 2013. Things are heating up in Beantown. The Sox are still hot; the heat’s on Whitey Bulger; and Aaron Hernandez adds some fireworks of his own. SB SM

June 1

Mayflower II

Boston sizzles in 94 degree heat. Meanwhile Plymouth, MA is without the Mayflower II which is in drydock because the right wood needed for repairs can’t be sourced.

Story concerning FBI shooting of Tsarnaev associate continues to wobble, prompting call for independent investigation. Was “blade” wielded by assailant actually a broomstick?

Sox begin month in first place, one game ahead of Yanks, but immediately fall 4-1 as Sabbathia outpitches Lester. Return of the Youk (who is married to Tom Brady’s sister. Can that be true?)

June 2

Summer heat … deer ticks … eroding beaches on the Cape … getting ready for Whitey … does it get any better than this?

Sox beat up on Yanks 11-1. It just did!

Tuukka Rask shuts out Penguins 3-1 in Game 1.

tuukka rask

June 3

First task in Bulger trial … find a jury.

Buchholz improves to 8-0 in rain-shortened 3-0 win over Yanks. Ortiz homers.

Clay Buchholtz

June 4
Final Marathon victim leaves the hospital!

Bear shot in Newton … Dunkin’ taking doughnut sandwich national … not yer biggest news day.

Bruins take 2-0 lead over Pittsburgh, crush Penguins 6-1.

June 5

“I’d like to introduce you to my client, James Bulger,” says J.W. Carney, attorney. “Good afternoon,” says Whitey, and we’re on. Trial could last months, judge warns.

Sox rout Rangers at Fenway, 17-5. Is anything as enjoyable as a blow-out for the home team?

June 6

Bruins take 3-0 lead over Penguins.

Sox bats go quiet against Rangers, lose 3-2. Middlebrooks sent to Pawtucket.

Rumors abound of impending suspensions in major league baseball due to PED (performance enhancing drugs) use.

Jason collins

Jason Collins, former Celtic and first openly gay athlete in professional sports, to throw out first pitch at Fenway as part of Pride Week. Later he will march in Boston Pride Parade with former college roommate U.s. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III.

June 7


Globe columnist, and author of popular book on Whitey, Kevin Cullen finds himself on Whitey Bulger’s witness list, meaning that he will be sequestered from proceedings. This provides a chance for Cullen to unload both barrels in print:

“I remember plenty about Whitey, and I’ll be glad to submit some sample testimony right here so they can decide whether they really want to call me as a defense witness.

I believe Whitey Bulger is a deeply cynical and vicious criminal who made millions by killing and intimidating people while he was protected by a deeply corrupted FBI.

Whitey and judge

I believe he made millions from the drug trade, extorting money from drug dealers even as he and his apologists propagated the nonsense that he never was involved in drugs.

I believe that John Connolly, Whitey’s FBI handler, was made to answer for sins committed by an entire squad, an entire office, an entire agency, that the Justice Department has been engaged in damage limitation from the get go.

I believe that as much of a disgrace as it is that criminals have been given sweetheart deals in exchange for their testimony against Whitey, it’s a bigger disgrace that John Morris, Connolly’s equally corrupt FBI supervisor, was allowed to trade his testimony for a stay-out-of-jail card. Morris should have gone to prison, and many other FBI agents should have been indicted.

I believe that Whitey Bulger insisted on the loyalty of others but was loyal to no one but himself. He dragged his brother Jack into a scheme to get phony IDs, costing Jack his pension, not to mention a felony conviction.

I believe that this trial, for Whitey, is not about getting acquitted, it’s about getting even, and that’s why I’m on his witness list.”

Ortiz connects, Sox walk off 6-3. We’re getting used to this.

June 8

Judge upholds Bulger’s right to include reporters on witness list.

Bruins complete sweep, 1-0. Another shut out for Rusk.

Sox rained out.

June 9

RIP ex-governor Paul Cellucci, 65

Sox split doubleheader with Angels.

June 10


Two bombs from Jarrod Saltalamacchia as Sox prevail at Fenway.

Salty has the distinction of having the longest name to ever appear on a major league jersey.

June 11

Tim Tebow added to Patriot roster, was college teammate of Aaron Hernandez.

Edward Snowden, Treyvon Martin, Prince Phillip, Nelson Mandela … there’s lots of competition for above the fold headlines.


Potential jurors continue to be interviewed at the courthouse. Shark sighting on the Cape.

It takes 14 innings and all 7 Red Sox relievers, but Sox finally get by Rays 10-8.

June 12

Opening arguements in Bulger case.

Jon Lester suddenly vulnerable, Sox lose to Rays, 8-3

June 13

Whitey as a young buck

Who’s bigger … Whitey or Bruins? Tim Tebow, the Marathon bombing, and the Red Sox don’t even come close.

Bruins drop opener in triple overtime 4-3.

world's oldest man

RIP Jiroemon Kimura, 116. Reportedly the world’s oldest man.

Nava drives in both with HR as Sox nip Rays 2-1. In Red Sox Notebook writer Peter Abraham summarizes the hirsute status of the suddenly bearded Sox.

June 14

Parking space in Back Bay sells for $560,000


BU choir joins Rolling Stones onstage at TD Garden

Orioles beat Sox 5-4 in 13.

Xander Bogaerts promoted to Pawtucket. Sticking with Drew at short while Inglesias playing at third as Middlebrooks tries to work things out in Pawtucket.

June 15

bookie testifies

Bookie Richard O’Brien, now 84, testifies about meeting with Bulger after one of his agents left, owing him thousands of dollars. O’Brien who was paying “rent”, i.e. protection to Bulger brings a smile to Bulger when he quotes him as saying to the departing agent that part of his business was “killing ^%$#!! like you.”

Orioles 2, Sox 0.

June 18

John Martorano takes stand. Gives details of Bulger involvement in multiple killings.

from Amazon: For two decades Martorano struck fear into anyone even remotely connected to his world. His partnership with Whitey Bulger and the infamous Winter Hill Gang led to twenty mob murders—for which Johnny would serve twelve years in prison. Carr also looks at the politicians and FBI agents who aided Johnny and Whitey, and at the flamboyant city of Boston which Martorano so ruthlessly ruled.

John Martorano

A plethora of paradoxes, Johnny Martorano was Mr. Mom by day and man-about-town by night. Surrounded by fast-living politicians, sports celebrities, and show biz entertainers, Johnny was charismatically colorful—as charming as he was frightening. After all, he was, in the end…a hitman.

Bruins take 2-1 series lead with 2-0 shutout, prompting Dan Shaughnessy to deem them “The team you love to love.” This is the same guy who said the Sox were a team “hard to get excited about.”

June 27 deadline looms for bids to take over Boston Globe. Eight groups reported interested.

June 19

aaron hernandez home

Now it begins …

A day after a body was found in an industrial area not far from his home in North Attleboro, police arrived to search the home of Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez. Early reports are that the 23 year old, currently rehabbing from shoulder surgery is not a suspect in the case, but is wanted in connection with questions about a rental car tied to him.

Defense in Bulger trial attacks credibility of Martolano, who is admitted to involvement in 20 murders. (Why, then, did he only do 12 years in prison?)

Sox take two from Rays behind pitching of Doubront, Aceves (remember him?) and walkoff homer by Johnny Gomes.

June 20


Odin Lloyd, victim of foul play, identified as an acquaintance of Hernandez, who is also named in a federal lawsuit filed in Florida by a Connecticut man who claims he was shot in the eye following a disagreement outside a strip club named Tootsie’s. Hernandez was never named in the criminal investigation and the case has been dropped.

Martolano mops up testimony with more gruesome details.

Blackhawks do their own mop up on Bruins, 65, again in OT. Series tied 2-2.

RIP James Gandolfini, 51 … aka Tony Soprano.

Rays 6, Boston 2.

June 21

First Night Boston to end after more than 40 years. New Year’s Eve celebration has been model for cities nationwide.

Reporters in feeding frenzy over Aaron Hernandez case, as details emerge about the Florida shooting and connections to Odin Lloyd.

Judge freezes assets of so-called “taxi king” being targeted in class action suit brought by drivers.

More graphic testimony in Bulger case.

Rumors swirl around talks between Celtics involving coach Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. LeBron James wraps up second consecutive title for Miami Heat and Ray Allen.

Andrew Bailey surrenders walk-off home run to Tigers. Time for Red Sox to change closers says Nick Cafardo. Duh!

What will tomorrow bring?

June 22


No charges yet. Everyone tight lipped. Not the case at the Bulger trial. Actor Robert Duvall stopped in to hear the testimony of three prosecution witnesses who told stories of personal involvement with the defendant and his murderous gang.

Sox over Tigers 10-6, led by Victorino. Koji Uehara named new closer.
Asked how long he expects to keep the job, he answered “two or three days.”

June 23

Police search Hernandez home again.

Bruins drop game 5 of Stanley Cup series.

Allen Webster punished by Tigers, Sox lose 10-3.

June 24

The moon orbits in an ellipse, and its distance from the Earth varies. Once every 14 months, the full moon coincides with the “perigee,” the closest approach the moon makes, resulting in a “supermoon.”

Popular Celtics coach Doc Rivers reported to be headed to San Diego.

Tigers defeat Sox 7-5. Farrell ejected.

June 25

Blackhawks score 2 goals in 18 seconds with only 90 seconds left to stun the Bruins and take home the Stanley Cup. A dream dies in Boston.

Jurors see FBI “informant” files regarding Bulger.

City swelters.

June 26

Markey takes special senate election.

Red Sox over Rockies 11-4 as Inglesias takes over for Middlebrook at third.

June 27

Aaron Hernandez arrested, charged with murder.

Aaron Hernandez handcuffed

Lester Beats Blue Jays 7-4.

Bruins run at cup credited with healing Boston post-Marathon.

Hernandez also implicated in 2011 killing.

“You’re a fucking liar,” says Whitey at former FBI agent John Morris, now testifying under immunity. From the Globe: Morris, now 67 and testifying under a grant of immunity, admitted that he took bribes totaling $7,000, cases of wine, and other gifts from Bulger and his partner, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, and met them for social dinners, including once when Bulger’s politician brother, William, made a brief appearance. He admitted leaking information to the gangsters and their FBI handler that likely led to several murders.

Morris now works as a wine consultant (he accepted bribes of cases of wine from Bulger) and volunteers at a soup kitchen.

June 28
Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev charged with 30 counts in Marathon bombing.

Red Sox blow five run lead, but beat Jays 7-5 as Uehara gets third save in a row.

In blockbuster deal, future hall of famers Paul Pierce an Kevin Garnett traded to Brooklyn Nets.

June 29

$61 million to be distributed among Marathon victims.

Hernandez associate turns self in.

Morris tells court that he considered Bulger an informant.

Jonny Gomes contributes as Sox beat Jays 7-5.

June 30

Touching funeral service held for Odin Lloyd. Suspicion that he may have had involvement in, or knowledge of 2011 double slaying, circulates.

Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 2.

What Will July Bring as Boston’s Summer of 2013 Grinds On?

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