May, 2013


I’ve been singing this tune for a long time now. The summer of 2013 in Boston was one of the most interesting periods anywhere, anytime. I chronicled the summer day-by-day on my website:

May 1 (May Day)

Blue Jays over Sox in wild game, 9-7.

May 2

Bruins take opener against Maple Leafs, Celts force a game 6 against Knicks, Sox 10-1 over juggernaut Jays behind Napoli’s 2 hrs. and Buchholtz’s unbelievable stuff.

May 3

Bomb suspects originally planned July 4 attack at Esplanade, accelerated plan.

Judge in Whitey case says immunity ploy not admissable. Whitey’s screwed.

Workers cheer as final spire put into place at World Trade Center.

World Trade Center

Hanrahan closes it for Dempster as Sox win 3-1. Now have the best record in baseball at 20-8.

May 4

Big Three era ends as Celtics fall to Knicks.

pp and kg_2

Rangers shut down Sox 7-0.

May 5 (Cinco de Mayo)

From the Globe Posters with Dzhokhar’s picture have appeared on walls in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, and a fund-raising drive for the family has sprung up. Many members of the Russian-language social media site VKontakte have replaced their profile pictures with a photo of Dzhokhar with the words, “Totally Innocent.”

Yeah .. and Whitey had immunity to commit those 19 murders.

Rangers 5- Red Sox 1.

May 6

Cambridge refuses to allow burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Sox fall short against Rangers.

May 7

Hmmm … Air Force officer in charge of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response unit charged with molesting a woman in a parking lot … leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester arrested on charges of driving drunk and fleeing the scene of an accident … three women missing for a decade ago, were found alive but tied up Monday in a neighborhood near downtown Cleveland … a lot of crazy shit happening in the world.

Bruins up 2-1 over Leafs (why isn’t it “Leaves?”) … Stephen Drew the key guy in 6-5, 11 inning victory over Twins. Both Sox closers now ailing.

May 8

Chris Christie has secret weight loss surgery … Menino says “nope” to Tsarnaev burial … Bishop failed three field sobriety tests, refused breathalyzer … sexual assaults in miliatary sharply higher … crazy shit.

Sox fall to Twins 6-1. Ortiz denies steroid use in interview with Dan Shaughnessy.

May 9

Second guessing begins as Sox lose 15-8, 5th loss in 6 games. Ortiz 27 game hitting streak ends, rookie Allen Webster blasted, Ortiz tweets that he hopes “Dan Shaughnessy is a happy guy.” I wouldn’t want Big Papi pissed off at me.

May 10

John Lackey’s throwing error leads to four unearned runs as Sox fall to Twins, 5-3.

May 11

Tamerlan finally buried in Virginia.

Post office loses $1.9 billion in 2nd quarter.

Lester (5-0) nearly perfect as Sox beat Jays (5-0).

May 12

Sox bats go quiet against Jays, lose 3-2.

jackie robinson

Bob Ryan reviews new movie based on life of Jackie Robinson: “42,” as well-intentioned as it is, is just another in an endless line of Hollywood biopics that wind up messing with history and infuriating anyone who enters the theater with even a smidgen of knowledge about the subject and the world in which he or she operates.

But he also concludes: That the film exists at all is important. Flawed though it may be, it is one of the most important American stories of the 20th century and it should be seen by every young person, of any color and background, male or female. It sheds light on a very important subject.

bob ryan

Come back, Bob!

May 13

Leafs force game 7. 5 Jays homers doom Sox, 12-4.

May 14

Bruins comeback

Down 4-1, Bruins win in OT. “I kinda thought we were done,” says Dougie Hamilton.

24 … count ‘em, 24 … hats in the ring to be Boston Mayor.

May 15

Angelina Jolie reveals double mastectomy.

New York Times Co. chief executive Mark Thompson tells investors at a conference in Boston that he is “pleased” with the amount of interest the company had attracted from potential buyers for The Boston Globe.

Rays 5- Red Sox 3 as ball gets lost in roof.

May 16

Headline is: Army Sexual Misconduct Riles Congress

You couldn’t make this stuff up. For the second time this month an Army official whose job is preventing sexual abuse is charged:

“In the latest case, an Army sergeant first class at Fort Hood, Texas, is facing allegations involving three women, including that he may have arranged for one of them to have sex for money, according to a defense official. The official said it was not yet clear if the sergeant, who has not been named, forced the woman into what may have been prostitution.”

Sox over Rays 9-2 behind Lester (6-0) and Drew slam.

Stephen Drew_2

May 17

Bruins squeak by Rangers (3-2) to take game one; Red Sox squeak by Rays on ninth inning, 3 run double by Middlebrooks.

Daniel Bard still can’t find the plate in Portland.

May 18

Continued fallout from Annie Dookhan case. Drug dealer freed due to her testimony arrested for murder.

annie dookhan

Powerball fever sweeps region. Jackpot over $600 million.

Jonny Gomes sac fly in 10th wins it for Sox. Perhaps more significantly, Koji Uehara earns first save as closer.

May 19

David Ortiz ((6 RBI, 2 HR) and Sox crush Twins, 12-6

May 20

Judy Clarke will head up the defense for 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Bombing victim Lu Lingzi awarded posthumous degree.

Bruins take 2-0 series lead with 5-2 victory over Rangers.

Bruins comeback

Red Sox survive 3 hour rain delay. Lackey victorious, 5-1.

May 21

91 dead as massive tornado hits Oklahoma.

RIP Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors.

The Doors

The Doors

White Sox 6, Red Sox 4 as Lester loses first of season.

May 22

Mayoral field whittled down to 15.

Bruins go up on Rangers 3-0.

Sox (Red) lose to Sox (White) 3-1.

May 23


In another bizarre turn of events an FBI agent in Florida shot and killed Ibragim Todashev, a reported friend of alleged bomber Tamerlan ­Tsarnaev. ­Todashev acknowledged a role in an unsolved triple murder in Waltham, a brutal crime that law enforcement officials now suspect may also have involved Tsarnaev, said several officials with knowledge of the encounter. The interview with Todashev became heated and he lunged at the interrogator with a blade, the officials said. The FBI agent sustained “nonlife-threatening injuries,’’ the bureau said in a statement.

Museum of Fine arts displays mile long string of flags from around the world intended to aid the city’s healing.

Surprising Indians beat Sox 12-3. Terry Francona returns to town more popular than ever.

May 24

More and more threads of evidence link Tsarnaev to the triple homicide in Waltham, September 11, 2011.

Whitey Bulger’s lawyers ask federal judge to limit “unduly prejudicial” from murder victims families, concerned that it might provoke an emotional response from the jury … really?

Bulger’s attorneys respond to charges that they are “grandstanding” in the press by quoting Thomas Jefferson, who said “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

whitey mug shot

whitey mug shot

May 25

Girlfriend of Waltham murder victim identifies Tamerlan as frequent apartment visitor.

Federal judge agrees to allow criminal background checks on potential jurors. Considered a setback for defense.

Sox and Lackey roll 8-1 over Tribe. Middlebrooks and Victorino to disabled list.

May 26


Thousands of runners and supporters jog from Kenmore Square to the finish line to complete the race they were unable to finish due to the bombing.

Bruins finish off Rangers. Ready to face Penguins.

Mike Carp and Dustin Pedroia key rally in 7-4 win.

mike carp

mike carp

May 27 (fake Memorial Day)

City prepares for Boston Strong concert, promoted by Don Law and featuring Carol King, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith, the J. Geils Band, Boston, New Kids on the Block, Extreme, Dropkick Murphys, Dane Cook, and Steven Wright

dropkick murphys

Sox walk off with four in ninth.

walk off

Will he stay or will he go? Jacoby Ellsbury becomes free agent at the end of the season.

jacoby ellsbury

May 28

Red Sox over Phillies, 9-3. Dustin Pedroia, leading Sox proponent of the existence of Bigfoot, leads the way.

dustin pedroia

May 29

Dead in Massachusetts get millions in welfare, report says.

Cliff Lee shuts down Sox, 3-1. Save Jonathan Papelbon.

May 30

Courthouse ramps up for Whitey. Everything from security to cafeteria prepares for the start of his trial next week.


It’s almost show time!

Tom Menino gets honorary degree from Harvard.

Phillies over Sox again 4-3. Another save for Papelbon.

Jonathan Papelbon

May 31 (real Memorial Day)


More feelgood moments at Boston Strong concert

Oprah Winfrey gives commencement address at Harvard


Ellsbury steals five as Sox trounce Phillies.

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