Scrambled Wednesday

SB Steve (Post Island Silverbacks) drinks only Budweiser and his favorite meal is the largest steak he can find, but he is a surprisingly inventive chef, too:

Chef Michel Le Borgne was the founding chef at the New England Culinary Institute whose autobiography No Crying in the Kitchen was published by my company, The Public Press. Excellent book, check it out.

The Chef had a couple of mantras. One was that a Chef must pay attention to appearance and that “Shiny shoes are happy shoes.” Another was that “A Chef must master two things … roasting a chicken and making an omelet.” An omelet is basically scrambled eggs cooked a little differently.

Michel was also a contemporary and fellow countryman of Jacques Pepin. They had similar training and career paths. Jacques, however, ended up on TV and became a celebrity. Michel became a beloved mentor to many restauranteurs around the country. Not so bad.

Here Jacques Pepin tells us how to scramble eggs. (Personally, I’ll take my Dad’s “Indian Browns” over these any day.)

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