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I wrote this song thinking it would make me a household word. Is “obscure” a household word? By means of explanation, Ashley’s is, or was, a local watering hole in Randolph, Vermont. It was a place that regularly lived up to its reputation, exemplified by the saying “Everyone has a lost night at Ashley’s. It has changed ownership, identity, and name frequently, which may explain why oldsters still refer to it as Ashley’s. Officially, it is now the Black Krim Tavern, a more upscale venue.

This video was made circa 2015. The recording was done by Spencer Lewis, an occasional Silverback whose recording studio is right here on Gilead Brook Road. Spencer is a professional musician and stone mason whose handiwork can be seen in several places here on the grounds of the Parsonage. You can learn about the musical side of Spencer at We’ll make him the focus of future coverage here on the Digest, but it’s safe to say that this recording does not appear on his professional resume. His musical capabilities are simply no match for my lack of talent. Nevertheless … here is Mud Season Romance:

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