Mud Season Thursday … The Zen of Mud

[Editor's Note: For those of you expecting an April Fools Day issue of Silverback Digest, we are ensconced in April Fools Month. SB SM] THE ZEN OF MUD What can you say about Mud Season that has not been said? This subject has been scrutinized from more angles than Camel’s Hump. But Mud Season isn’t... Continue Reading →

Mud Season Wednesday

MUD SEASON ROMANCE Spenser Lewis. Learn more at I wrote this song thinking it would make me a household word. Is “obscure” a household word? By means of explanation, Ashley’s is, or was, a local watering hole in Randolph, Vermont. It was a place that regularly lived up to its reputation, exemplified by the... Continue Reading →

Mud Season Monday

[This week is all about two things- maple syrup and mud. The two are irrevocably intertwined at this time of year in Vermont. SB SM] From my "Auto-biografitti:" That's when it all came together ... writing, woodstoves, and Vermont's crappy weather When I joined Vermont Castings in January, 1979 I had a customer service staff... Continue Reading →

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