It’s My Birthday!

It’s all about me today! I am king of the Jungle

I will begin by mating with all the Silverbelles in my harem:

That will make me hungry, so I will eat some breakfast:

Now, what to do? I think I’ll practice my double-thump. (This goes on a bit too long, but it’s very funny.)

That felt good! What now? I think I will soothe my soul with a bit of music:

You may, or may not, know I am the writer of the world’s third most popular birthday song, On My Birthday:

Oh the winds did howl and the cats did growl

on my birthday.

Raging creeks overran their banks

on my birthday.

Harlots stop walking in the streets,

church and school let out early.

India had no poverty

on my birthday.

It goes on, but you know all this … fer chrissakes, it’s the world’s third favorite birthday song! Here’s the second:

Image result for cherry pie

And to top things off, my favorite Silverbelle, Queen of the Harem, made me a cherry pie with Michigan cherries.

Too much fun!

Until next year …

SB Sandy does the DouroRiver, that is

9 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Hi Step & Sandy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SBSM! Today is your day, have fun! We hope you have a great day, please celebrate your birthday breakfast first. Your going to need the energy! That Cherry Pie looks amazing! Hopefully Silverbelle Sandy will have some Ice Cream to go with it. We just don’t know if it’s on your diet? We’re trying to stop laughing at the young SB. Who played that role? Patrick or Jacob? All quiet here on Post Island. The City did their usual lack of plowing. Once down the middle of the road & Done! We got 5” of snow to help celebrate SB TB’s 7th Win! Now that’s one for the ages. Enjoy your day my friend and celebrate the shit out of it! Stay safe, Be Good, Steve & Bethy Hugs to the “Queen of the Harem”

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    1. I treasure my Post Island connections. Thanks for the good wishes SB Steve and SB Beth! SB SM

      On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 8:35 AM The Silverback Digest wrote:


  2. Looks like you are all set for a wonderful birthday celebration, Step. Have yourself a chest thumping day,
    Aquarian colleague Cyndy and SB Mike.

  3. Happy Birthday to my brother. May you have many more. Enjoy your pie and your extensive harem.
    I would sing you the most popular birthday song but can’t remember the words.

  4. Happy Birthday to the King of, of the, of the pod – are we a pod? A school of apes – that doesn’t sound likely….Perhaps we’re a pack (like the cub scouts? That doesn’t sound right, now, either). Happy Birthday anyway. And that pie looks wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday dear SB cousin! We wish you a very Happy Birthday from snowy York Maine! Enjoy your day with plenty of SBelle Sandy’s pie but don’t overindulge the bananas. All the best!
    SB Marti and Dick.

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