Almost 60 Years Later

[After witnessing this historic moment in culture-- on my 16th birthday, no less-- I picked up my guitar to learn how to play this song. I will have to lower the key to fit my singing register, so it won't sound as sprightly as Paul, and there's no way I can play the triplets as... Continue Reading →

Paul McCartney a Silverback? Damn Straight!

[Let's give this guy his due. He's been the greatest creator and performer for an entire generation. And he shows no sign of letting up. If that's not Silverback-worthy, then I don't know what is. Welcome to The Jungle, Paul. SB SM] from Variety, 5/16/2022 Paul McCartney’s ‘Got Back’ Tour Scores a Touchdown With Marathon... Continue Reading →

Moulty … Don’t Turn Away

For reasons that I don't understand and can't explain I receive a daily email from that answers a question, usually about music trivia, that I didn't ask. I give it a glance and either delete or follow it down the rabbit hole. Today's question was "What band was made famous by its drummer? The... Continue Reading →

Film review … Across the Universe

[This is a "Best of the 'Gest" entry, but I can't figure out how to reverse the type over the image. SB Alec wrote this review/reminiscence in 2016, and it was published in the Digest in 2020. His current project is his recollection of a Vermont boyhood. With the debut of Peter Jackson's Beatles trilogy,... Continue Reading →

It’s My Birthday!

It's all about me today! I am king of the Jungle I will begin by mating with all the Silverbelles in my harem: That will make me hungry, so I will eat some breakfast: Royalty-free stock illustration of a gorilla standing up as it eats a banana. Now, what to do? I think I'll practice... Continue Reading →

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