Breathe like a Silverback

Today I am in a holiday frenzy, rushing around the keyboard to create the Best-Ever family holiday. My inbox just produced the following from The Vermont Country Store. Now … when I first moved to this state in 1979) the Vermont Country Store was a place that was all about flannel and fish hooks, where you could gather around the Round Oak Woodstove and chew the fat about Sorel boots and fireplace draft with the crusty owner Vrest Orton.

Well … jeezum crow … times change, and so has the Vermont Country Store. The woodstove is still there, but they don’t dare burn it any more. Liability, you know. Vrest is gone, but the business is still in the family, but it’s now the third generation running the show. They’re doing a good job of it, too, maintaining a dedication to high quality both in product and customer service. I admit to being taken aback, however when I saw that current Proprietor Gardner Orton is also a Certified Somatic Breath Therapist. I had to look it up:

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Somatic therapy is a holistic therapy that studies the relationship between the mind and body in regard to psychological past. The theory behind somatic therapy is that trauma symptoms are the effects of instability of the ANS (autonomic nervous system). Past traumas disrupt the ANS.

The Vermont Country Store is still a cool place. I even bought my grand daughter a Bozo the Clown Punching Bag from there for Christmas. I don’t know where this post is going, but then again, it’s Monday. Time to meander.

Hunter Sooji Morris

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