Casserole Blues

This will be the final Sunday edition of the Silverback Digest. The reason is that viewership is only a fraction of what it is during the other days of the week.

You knew it would come to this … that I would inflict one of my original songs on you. Here it is:

This song sounds a lot better than many of my usual recordings. The reason is, it’s not me performing. The artist is Ted Mortimer, doing both the vocal and Delta-style slide guitar work.

The recording is also helped immeasurably by some engineering by my son, Jake, then home for Spring break from Oberlin College. He also plays the bass line. It was recorded in one take on a boom box.

A lot of people think the song has a major “ick” quality, mostly because of the opening four lines. It’s really more silly than sexy as it parodies the the old bluesmen who often used food as a metaphor for sex. Personally, the song always makes me laugh. It’s likely the only song ever written that uses the word ratatouille.

2 thoughts on “Casserole Blues

  1. Are the lyrics somewhere in the video?
    Always got a kick out of this song.
    Is there a Ballad To Beer in the works? With a verse sung in Japanese to honor your many Asian fans?

  2. I’ll look for the lyrics. I’ve started, and not finished, ten songs about beer. They’re all lousy. Maybe they’d sound better in Japanese.

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