March 8 … Casserole Blues

Casserole Blues

The summer was magic. Days at the beach with Cassandra, then nights playing in clubs. Grendel became a semi-big deal, for Rhode Island, that is.

Then, another twist of fate, but not a cruel one!

I’m going to fry your bacon …

The teenyboppers of Rhode Island loved it!

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4 thoughts on “March 8 … Casserole Blues

  1. My inner teeny bopper loved this. And my adult Bonnie Raitt fan suggests that she cover this one and help get Grendel back on the map. Seriously.

  2. Props to Ted Mortimer for the arrangement and vocal/guitar on this and to Jacob Morris for recording and bass.

    And we’re open to doing something with Bonnie. Have her people contact our people!

  3. That was a fun episode and such vivid Bluesy inuendo. Stick out yer can. Here comes the garbage man type shit.

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