Casserole Blues

An excerpt from Part 2 of Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera:

Don’t tell a soul, but Grendel, Part 2 is Out

Relive the endless summer as Greg and Del continue on their paths to fame and glory. Go to the home page of and click on the page for “Grendel: Part 2 – Summahtime”

The summer was magic. Days at the beach with Cassandra, then nights playing in clubs. Grendel became a semi-big deal, for Rhode Island, that is.

Then, another twist of fate, but not a cruel one!

Part 2 of Old Rockers: The Musical Journey of Grendel is now Published!

Does Del find fame and fortune in The Big Apple? Does Greg wander astray from The Proven Path? Are you believing Cassandra? These are the questions answered in Part 3. See it, experience in on the Old Rockers, Part 2 tab on the home page of

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