David Attenborough … Ultimate Silverback

David Attenborough is the real deal. If you are baffled by the Silverback concept, here’s the personification. He’s devoted his professional life to environmental journalism.

His Planet Earth series contain some of the most stunning visual imagery ever captured on film. Now, at 94, he’s come out with a documentary on his life and vision for the future.

Watch it, for sure, but keep in mind that this guy has given us 60+ years of this stuff. He is a true Silverback.

But here’s the kicker … when I watched this tonight, it is produced by Silverback Films! NOT a subsidiary of Silverback Digest, but I wish it were.

A double-thump and a sincere “Oo-oo” to SB David.

FDW7WY Sir David Attenborough, English broadcaster and naturalist, at his home in Richmond, Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England UK

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