Sounding the Alarm … yet again

[A number of environmentalists, myself included, have been sounding the alarm on fossil fuel depletion/climate change for decades. The message has changed is style, form, and function but the conclusion is always the same- that Homo Sapiens has been committing a slow, inevitable suicide through our collective greed and short-sightedness. Of the various Cassandras, Richard... Continue Reading →

David Attenborough … Ultimate Silverback

David Attenborough is the real deal. If you are baffled by the Silverback concept, here's the personification. He's devoted his professional life to environmental journalism. His Planet Earth series contain some of the most stunning visual imagery ever captured on film. Now, at 94, he's come out with a documentary on his life and vision... Continue Reading →

The Outside Story

Declan McCabe teaches biology at Saint Michael’s College. His work with student researchers on insect communities is funded by Vermont EPSCoR’s Grant NSF EPS Award #1556770 from the National Science Foundation. The illustration for this column is by Adelaide Murphy Tyrol. The Outside Story is assigned and edited by Northern Woodlands magazine and sponsored by... Continue Reading →

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