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[We live in a small town in rural Vermont. Randolph, Vermont, population 5,000. We are very fortunate to have the world-class Chandler Center for the Arts located right here bringing major league talent to our little town. Last week it was Natalie McMaster and her family of violin virtuosos and this weekend … well, see for yourself. Plaudits to Chloe Powell for this inspired booking. SB SM]

Updates from the Director’s desk:

by Chloe Powell

Next Saturday is The Biggest Show I’ve Ever Booked with Ranky Tanky and Lisa Fischer
I’m genuinely excited about every show I bring through, but this one is extra special. In my first days of working Chandler, I made the biggest offer I’d ever made on a special combo of Grammy-Award winning acts Ranky Tanky and Lisa Fischer.  I needed to act fast because the grant was due my first full time day March 1st.  Thanks to the New England Foundation for the Arts, we got the grant, a HUGE help in bringing the artists, but I needed to make the offer without knowing if it was a done deal!  
Lisa Fischer is a living legend, she toured 26 years with the Stones, and also performed and recorded with legends such as Luther Vandross (which won her a grammy), Tina Turner, and Sting…. but she’s also star in her own right.  She’s heavily featured in the documentary 20 ft from Stardom about backup singers,  which won best Documentary film in 2013, and is my favorite music documentary.
Ranky Tanky are sharing their music from the Gullah communities of South Carolina, and taking the world by storm. They’ve won two grammies already and they’re only getting started.  Give them a listen and get excited for this show. This is a very exciting opportunity!

Check this out:

This act will wake up this town:

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