New Episode of Natural Curiosity Now Available!

[Have you checked out our podcasting partner, Silverback Steve Shepard? Do it now! This guy is the real deal, and I learn something from each new episode. Better yet, subscribe to his podcast and set them up to be automatically downloaded so that they are there when you need them. SB SM]

Here’s the back story on The Natural Curiosity Project:

[If you go to the you’ll see that we have added a new option on the menu. Natural Curiosity is our new podcasting partner!

Publishing today is a double-edged sword for independent voices. On one hand, the individual has never been so empowered. Years ago, a publication like Silverback Digest might have required a staff of a dozen, a physical location, and a substantial financial investment. I do it all myself, with the help of my fellow Silverbacks.

But on the other hand, the world of publishing has become impossibly broad, encompassing new vistas of podcasting, streaming, and social media, each with its own set of rules and technologies. So, while it was intriguing to contemplate a podcasting equivalent of Silverback Digest, the reality is that there is only so much that a single ape … even a Silverback! … can handle.

Fortunately, our path crossed with Steve Shepard’s. Steve is both a Silverback and a PhD, making him something new in The Jungle, a Silverdoc. He came to us first as a reader, then a contributor, and now as a collaborator and publishing colleague. Learn more about him His resume is longer than a Vermont winter.

When I first heard his Natural Curiosity podcast, I was impressed. “This guy could really help me learn how to make a good Silverbackian podcast to explore all the interesting cultural trends happening in The Jungle.” Then, I listened to a few more episodes (there are more than 250 of them!), and I said “Waitaminute … this guy is already doing it.”

Long, story, short … Silverback, er, Silverdoc Steve is now our podcasting partner, curating, collaborating, and promoting community within The Jungle. We will know every time he publishes a new episode.

Better yet SUBSCRIBE to Natural Curiosity so that you can listen at your leisure, in the garden, in the car, in the kitchen anywhere in The Jungle.

Meanwhile, to get you started, here’s a recent episode:

Natural Curiosity and Silverdoc Steve, welcome to The Jungle! SB SM]

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