As Close as You Can Get to The Jungle

[This comes recommended from several sources, including SB John (Mendocino Bonobos) and SB Kevin (Recomendo SBs). I haven’t seen it because, in an effort to reduce our cable bill, SB Sandy and I eliminated Netflix from our package, and now I am too stubborn (and cheap) to add it back. For the moment I just have to rely on all you other apes to tell me what I am missing. SB SM (PS– I’m curious about how others in The Jungle are handling the ever-increasing costs of broadcast media. Have you cut the cable yet?)]

Chimp drama

Running on Netflix, this 4-part nature documentary is extraordinary. Chimp Empire closely follows the largest known band of wild chimpanzees as individual chimps struggle to prosper, while their tribe wages war with other tribes for food resources. The intimacy you get is stunning. (It is directed by the same guy who did My Octopus Teacher.) Love triangles, betrayal, misfits, mafia bosses, murder. The personalities and drama are shockingly familiar. It is the chimpanzee equivalent of The Game of Thrones. I sure hope they keep it going with future seasons. — KK

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