The Rat Race … Happy Labor Day

[Here’s an appropriate post for Labor Day. It’s a short film (4:15) about the Rat Race called Happiness. It’s loaded with jokes and funny observations. Watch it twice. I did. It clearly demonstrates why we need a “Human Jungle” where Silverbacks and Silverbelles can live in peace and harmony. Have a great holiday. SB SM]

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Video: Happiness | Steve Cutts | Vimeo | 4m 15s

Funny, touching, sad animation about the rat race as lived by rats. Previously recommended on The Browser in 2017, but such a classic that I will risk recommending it again. The soundtrack is L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle from Bizet’s CarmenCutts on Cutts: “I grew up looking at artists like Robert Crumb and Gary Larson, so I’m sure there’s some of their influence in there somewhere. I tend to view the world in a kind in slightly abstract terms and often see humor in dark situations”

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