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[Different strokes for different folks. For Silverback John (Mendocino Bonobos) retirement means just another opportunity for entrepreneurism. He’s installed two world-class pickleball courts at his off-the-grid SunHawk Farms and now has announced the first-ever Pickleball Camp. Better act fast, however. As of this writing there were only a few open slots left. Read all about it. SB SM]

A Camp Hosted at SunHawk

SunHawk Pickleball Camp will host 16 pickleballers ranging in skill levels between 2.75 and 4.0 who want to up their game and skills, while having a richly connective bonding experience with their fellow campers. We encourage all campers stay on site at SunHawk Farms for the full experience. SunHawk has 20 beds in 5 different locations and can accommodate up to 30 people. Sheets and towels are provided if staying in one of our accommodations. We encourage you to view our various accommodations. Campers are also welcome to stay offsite or bring their own tents or car camp for economy. We will be providing six mostly organic, nutritive meals between arrival on Friday afternoon to departure late in the day on Sunday (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, and snacks and beverages). Snacks, fresh spring water, and limited beer and wine served. Campers are encouraged to BYOB and bring any other items they like. We have a large refrigerator and small freezer on site as well as coolers.


Meet the instructors:

Jack Sayers

Jack Sayers is a certified PPR instructor and is currently the Pickleball Director at Airport Health Club. Jack is also a certified table tennis and tennis instructor, and ran a popular table tennis club (later an indoor pickleball club) in Marin County for ten years. Jack has been a teacher for over thirty years. Prior to teaching racquet and paddle sports he was a music and classroom teacher. In addition to competing in pickleball tournaments at the 4.5/5.0/Senior Pro level, Jack is also a tournament table tennis player and competitive ultramarathoner.

Lena Spence

Lena Spence is a certified PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) instructor and currently teaches pickleball at Airport Health Club in Santa Rosa and also through the Healdsburg Parks and Recreation department. She is experienced in teaching private and group lessons.  She tailors her instruction to fit the needs of each player by incorporating a variety of drills, strategy discussion and fun games in her lessons.  In addition to teaching, Lena enjoys competing in sanctioned pickleball tournaments at the 4.5+ level. 

There are a number of other delightful diversions at SunHawk Farms, but watch out for the resident monsters.

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