Cher-ish This … I Wouldn’t Mind Turning Back a Little Time, Too

[For the last few years my Cuzzins and spouses have gathered at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine to reminisce about growing up on Post Island, a small community just south of Boston where there’s a very active Silverback presence in the beachfront Jungle.

This year’s gathering was a little more poignant than past years, because … let’s face it … we’re not getting younger. ‘Nuff said.

After a lunch that was equal parts, catch-up, nostalgia, and bellyaching, we went to see the show. This year’s offering was Cher, a musical dramatization of the singer who became popular in the 1960s and who evolved into a notable sex symbol and fashion icon.

Cher is hardly the first entertainer to use elaborate costuming to distract from less-than-overwhelming talent, but she has been successful in distracting and amusing us for over half a century, and for that we owe her a double-thump and some enthusiastic oo-oos.

The show itself was great fun and an even more perfect distraction from the realities of life. Big thank-you to Silverbelle Marti for setting this up. She will always be Silverbabe Gidget in the eyes of her Cuzzins. SB SM]

This MTV era send-up shows Cher driving an entire Battleship of horny sailors apeshit.

Meanwhile, the ladies from Larkin Poe turn back time in a very different way.

3 thoughts on “Cher-ish This … I Wouldn’t Mind Turning Back a Little Time, Too

  1. I remember many, several decades ago when I was a young man in Washington, DC, I went to the “Cellar Door” (a sort of night club) and heard Sonny and Cher, and I found Cher absolutely enchanting both as to good looks and voice.

  2. The cousins reunion is one of my fave annual events. I hoped everyone would love the turn back time experienced at the Playhouse and it all worked out well. Great to see you and we’ll look forward to a reunion next year! Happy 4th everyone! 🎇🧨🇺🇸

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