Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Not the post that was planned for today, but one that fills in nicely in a pinch.

[Question for SBs. Some of you have told me that videos work better as embeds. Others have said they are preferable as a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5APc0z49wg What sayest thou? SB SM]

I hope everything goes your way today!

4 thoughts on “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

  1. In the early stages of the pandemic, when everyone was hunkered down in their homes, I had an overwhelming urge to go outside and sing “Oh, What A Beautiful Morning.” (March in Tucson will do that to a person.). After a couple of days I started recruited my neighbors to come out and join me. W e wound up with 15 or 20 singers — plus a klezmer clarinetist — scattered up and down the block belting it out for fun and human contact every morning for two months.

  2. Thanks for asking, Stephen. IMO it makes a big difference if the reader is on mobile or on a desktop/laptop computer when trying to enjoy SB Digest. I am opposed to YouTube embeds, the artists are not being compensated by {you know who owns YouTube}. And the individual reading the Digest would surely want to make sure the artists are getting paid for their contributions. Your wonderful post by Bill Hines six days ago about artists living in poverty should have driven home the fact that we all need to support artists. And YouTube doesn’t ensure that performers are paid. A link to the source where readers can purchase the content ensures payment to the artists. Broadway Unplugged is available on Amazon and other sources. Also, autoplay sucks. I’m sitting here in my favorite deli eating loaded latkes and was surprised that the Digest once again served an embed with autoplay – it blasted across the room. Six days ago the Digest pointed out how artists are being crushed by poverty and how they are not being adequately compensated – whether writers, musicians, painters, photographers, etc. That was an excellent post. And this topic is a hill I will die on. No YouTube embeds, no links to YouTube. Links to sources that compensate artists. /rant

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