“It’s Going to be a Shitstorm”

[Silverback Ron (Muskegon SBs) writes:

I’ve been reading the SB digest and the recent articles about AI. I’m pretty ignorant about the whole thing which is probably true for a lot of people older than 50. I think people will line up in one of 2 camps; it’s just another tool or machines will take over humanity. I guess there’s a third camp, I don’t care. 

Anyway, below is a link to a guy named Rick Beato who makes great videos about music. He has over 3 million followers so he must be good. He just released a video having to do with AI and the music industry. Thought you might enjoy that as well as his other great videos. “

Unless you live under a rock, or somewhere in a distant Jungle, you know that the pop music world is a-twitter with the news that superstar Drake has released an AI track that sounds just like Drake, causing music nerds like me and Silverback Ron to scratch our heads and lick our chops with the anticipation of impending chaos. It’s going to be a shitstorm as everyone scrambles to figure out how to make money in the changing world of technology.

This is a lengthy (12+ minutes), but engrossing video that explains what the music world is facing, an upheaval that will quickly spread to all other media-related fields. So pay attention. Just remember (mark my words again) … at the end of every shitstorm there is, eventually, a glorious sunset … albeit, over a devastated landscape. SB SM]

Which is the fake Drake? Which one knows that winter is cold?

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