Fado Rap

Start the video first!

[Fado is a form of musical lament that evolved in Portugal during the era of Henry the Navigator. The Portuguese were the first global superpower, and to fuel their far-flung voyages, a steady stream of manpower was required. The rank and file weren’t exactly stepping forward to volunteer for hazardous journeys that would keep them from loved ones for years at a time. Henry’s solution … send in the thugs, knock the husbands and sons on the head and let them wake up on a creaking ship headed for the Cape of Good Hope. Fado was a way of expressing the resulting anguish. Give it a listen. SB SM]

[Flash forward a few centuries. The Portuguese are no longer a dominant world power, but their legacy lives on. Silverbelle Sandy and I spent Christmas in Lisbon several years, then stopped on the route home to explore the Azores. We stopped in a windswept, seaside location, where we set off for our daily hike, only to discover a band of Silverbucks practicing their own brand of Fada. Fun-fact: of the more than 300 videos I have posted on YouTube, this one has the widest viewership. SB SM]

OK, pause the first video before starting the second.

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