He’s Alive!


Doin’ My Part II

A couple of years flew by. No word from Del other than the every-few-months, plain, brown envelopes. I loosely followed the career of The Spawn of Grendel only, but I couldn’t glean any clues about Del.


I was The King of Vermont, or so I thought. I had a steady job, a good woman, a great place to live. Billy Mann (as in Manfred) the One-Mann Band was booked pretty regularly at clubs, farmer’s markets, house parties, and wherever I could get paid under-the-table. Plus, with the new technology that had developed, I could record my own CDs and sell them at my gigs for $15.


I had left The Proven Path for A Slightly Different Proven Path as Rhode Island’s Attorney General. I had a staff, an office in the State House, and a political future that held all kinds of options (none of which really interested me.) The three kids were ensconced at Obediah Brown, and Cassandra seemed to be Chair of every frickin’ committee in town. Everything was great, except I felt I was missing some essential spark in my life.


You meet the nicest people at your local farmer’s market


Life turns on a dime, and when you’re least expecting it … WHAM, upside the head. Monday morning in September, office coffee pot. Howyadoin’? Didja see the Patriots game? Whadja do this weekend? A colleague said, “We had a great weekend in Vermont. Really beautiful. We went to a farmer’s market and they had this musician who reminded me of you.”

“Why, because I’m old?”

“I dunno, but I bought you his CD. It looked amateurishly produced. Mud Season Romance by Billy Mann (as in Manfred) the One-Mann Band. Among the titles was I Think I’m in Love, attributed to the songwriting team of (Watson/Brewster).”

I listened in the car on my way home. The humor, the voice … I burst into the kitchen, and hugged and kissed her. Then I handed her the CD.

He’s alive!

All week Cassandra and I were giddy with excitement. We had proof that Del was alive. We couldn’t wait for Friday night when we’d take off for Vermont. We found a bed & breakfast near the Farmer’s Market where Billy Mann (as in Manfred) the One-Mann Band was listed as the featured performer each Saturday. It opened at 9 a.m.

Old Rockers

The Musical Journey of Grendel You can view it all here: https://silverbackdigest.com/grendel-part-one/

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  1. Experiencing the Saga of Grendel is like reading a book you don’t want to end. The twists, the turns, the music. The years.

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