Welcome to Fayettenam!

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Del: The next three weeks were an advanced course in tedium, interrupted only by letters from Greg and Cassandra and nightly dreams of Pamela. An air of fatalism hovered over Fayettenam, and it didn’t disappoint us. We finally got our marching orders, and our unit was getting an expense-paid excursion to Southeast Asia!

Suite Dreams: Pamela & Johnny

Del: The life in Fayette-nam was an intensive exercise in tedium. There was nothing for unit to do while awaiting orders. Occasionally we’d be put through bullshit drills, but mostly it was boring, waiting for the ax to fall.

I read a few books, borrowed a guitar to play, made believe I was writing new music, and spending endless hours reliving events of The Last Weekend, especially the brief interaction with Cassandra on Sunday morning. Did she know I was going to say “I love you,” and did she stop me because she loved me, too. Or, did she stop me so that she wouldn’t have to say that she didn’t feel the same way. Or, was she just giving a scared, lonely boy a piece of driftwood to cling to.

And what did she mean when she said “I’ll see you in my dreams,” and came up with the personae of Pamela and Johnny? I didn’t know, and in some ways I didn’t want to know. That left me free to enjoy my own fantasies.

Welcome to my dreams!

The marching orders came eventually. We were headed to Saigon. After the weeks of waiting, news that we were shipping out came as a relief. They shipped to Camp Pendleton in California for a couple more weeks of waiting around, then … we’re off to the war!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Fayettenam!

  1. If I remember correctly, the closing frame says lyrics and music by Greg Morrison. Is that correct? If so, spectacular song, Greg!

    And who produced the clip? Was that your video editing Stephen? Very very professionally done. And even with my failing eyesight, I could read the lyrics.

    Speaking of which, eye surgery will be March 29th it all goes to plan. This will be number seven, but who’s counting.

    Take care and keep on having fun with Grendel

    Warm regards,

    replied Greg:

    7:23 AM (7 hours ago)
    to Babsje, me

    Good Morning Babs,

    Yes, I did write it. And thanks so much for your wonderful response. It’s comments like yours that keep us so engaged and excited about moving forward.

    Neil Ebanks, the principal at Nashville Video Marketing, produced Pamela and Johnny and all my other demos/videos written by me and an old friend, Roy Nelson, who was my songwriting partner for many years. I’ve used Neil’s prodigious talent for close to 15 years.

    There are two other videos in Grendel that Neil produced: White Crosses, music written by Roy and lyrics by me, in honor of my late father. Also Take A Little Time written by me that you’ve already commented on.

    Several people have asked me what inspired
    P & J. Firstly, I was in love with a girl named Pamela from 1st through maybe 9th grades. We actually kissed in the coat room in 1st grade. She danced with me and my late twin brother, Geoff, in a traveling dance group. She did a mean jitterbug. She was “marvelous!”

    Our dance teachers, Bill and Ramona (can’t make this stuff up) went on to LA where they were choreographers for movies. We boys were all in love with Ramona, a true Latin beauty.

    I’ve always been intrigued with musical suites, classical or contemporary. Suite Judy Blue Eyes actually inspired P & J too.

    I wrote the classical sounding notes in part 1 and 3 and the guitar chord riff used in part 2 (and that great sax solo) as a warm up for playing my guitar before gigs or just fooling’ around.

    Stephen, I see another project in the future: Twin boys fall in love with the same girl (shades of Del and Greg), an affair with dance instructor and lots of other conflict……not to mention great music and dancing………….

    Thanks again, Babs! Keep ‘em coming.



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