March 6 … Summahtime

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Del: Once in a while something small brings a very big emotion flooding back in a rush. This song never fails:

Del: It’s summahtime-summahtime-sum-sum-summahtime … suddenly, I’m taken back to a spring day in 1957 by this song. The last bell is lingering. School’s out for summer, school’s out forever.

Flash forward nine years. The hiccups of graduation day, how to pay back Mr. Brewster, my flaky mother are suddenly in the rearview mirror. The unfettered emancipation of summertime returns. No more tests, no college applications, no shitty jobs. There was the band, the Beatles, the beach, and unfathomed adventures awaiting us. We had enough band gigs lined up that we didn’t need to indenture ourselves to humiliating jobs. It was fun-fun-fun, and no one’s daddy was taking our T-bird away.

Greg: It was many decades later that Del and I turned our musical attentions to recapturing the feelings brought on by this summer of endless horizons. This is what we came up with. We filmed it on a September weekend in Vermont:

Hi Neighbor … the next cold Gansett’s on me!
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5 thoughts on “March 6 … Summahtime

  1. Thanks!!
    Really enjoyed the sunflowers, sunny sounds and warm summer vibes- which really helps in this season.
    That’s why we do our fortunate winter RV travels, until well into Spring.
    We had first time visit over the weekend at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument = green desert, about 8 miles from Mexican border, only place in US with amazing, organ pipe cactus.
    Also tiny Arizona town of “Why” ( was originally a “Y” intersection of roads so called that, but state law says names must be at least 3 letters, so it changed to “Why”.)
    Why? That’s Why!

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