March 4 … (Brewster/Watson)

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No Remorse … Our First Original Song

Del: Then, the inevitable happened … we wrote a song. It was mostly mine, but Greg contributed, so we created an official songwriting partnership (Brewster and Watson), just like Lennon and McCartney. We even got Greg’s dad to write up an official agreement.

Greg: And we have stayed true to that agreement to this day, splitting all royalties 50/50.

Del: What’s 50 percent of nuthin’?

Greg: This song would be lost to history except that one of our rival Rhode Island bands, a wannabe Grendel group called the Van Goghs (stupid name!) covered it and turned it into a video that we discovered on YouTube:

Here’s our first song.

Greg: Ladies and gentlemen … No Remorse.

Well, boys love and leave’em, baby, I know it’s true …

Del: That song still rocks!

Greg: And it’s still moronic. Not only did you steal the opening riff, but the lyrics were all false, just pure adolescent posturing.

Del: I’m hurt …

Greg: Get real … you’re singing about lovin’ and leavin’ them. Had you ever been with a girl?

Del: As in “had sex?” No.

Greg: Not even close. Had you even kissed a girl?

Del: Do cousins count?

Greg: No … I’ll say now what I told you then … you’ve got to stay within your own experience to create good music. Dig deep. Get below that pimply surface.

Del: Dig deep huh?

I Think I’m in Love

Greg: I told him. You’ve got to write the truth. Stay within your own experience, no matter how limited that is, just stay within your own experience. Be honest.

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8 thoughts on “March 4 … (Brewster/Watson)

  1. It’s cool that you say that, because we sanitized this section, fearing that we would offend people by putting in a song about masterbation. It’s one of my favorite songs.

    1. Ok everybody knows about the three pillars of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll right? Grendel clearly has Rock & Roll covered and apparently (lack of) Sex, too. I guess Drugs may be decaf these days?

  2. Loved ‘No Remorse!’ Where can I hear more from the Van Goghs? Weren’t they the band that was known as the ‘Green Mountain Invasion’ back in the early ’70s? I wonder if there were any predecessors of Silverbacks in that band?

  3. It’s rumored there’s a guy named Bill Gannon who was in that band. Some people say he still plays in clubs and venues in Rhode Island, but that might just be rumor.

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