March 1… Introducing “Old Rockers: The Musical Journey of Grendel”

Old Rockers: The Musical Journey of Grendel

For the month of March Silverback Digest will present

the musical odyssey of Greg Brewster and Del Watson, two old rockers

singer singing on stage beside guitar player and bass player

How to Experience Grendel

Grendel is a combination of words, images, and motion. To experience it chronologically,

just scroll down the page (as you would normally with Silverback Digest.) Comments always appreciated!

Ladie-e-eze and Gennulmunn … this is what you’ve been waiting for since 1966, which was the last time these two lads performed together in public. The world has changed greatly, and these two have changed a bit, but in great ways. Without further adieu, we bring you GRENDEL!

It’s About Time

There’s lost time, overtime, Island time, too much time, Hammer time, crunch time, maritime … the list could go on forever. The Rolling Stones may think that time is on their side, but try telling that to Charlie Watts. In this clip Greg, with a studio assist from Nashville, waxes lyrical about Time, and makes it so special, especially as you look back on it.

Don’t get accustomed to these slick production values. Soon enough we’ll be back to the realities of cell phones a zero budget.

Tomorrow … the boys get together

Copyright ©2022 Stephen Morris & Greg Morrison

2 thoughts on “March 1… Introducing “Old Rockers: The Musical Journey of Grendel”

  1. Rock on!
    While in Quartzsite AZ (see film “Nomad Land” for one aspect of the RVers winter boon docking on BLM land) we really enjoyed listening to 96.5 run out of a private home, with local advertisments for the town trading post with the “world’s largest belt buckle” to “Silly Al’s Pizza – and an amazing, random playlist= from “My Roof’s Got a Hole in It”, “Volare”, “Michelle”, “Funky Town” ,”For What It’s Worth” and on and on.
    What a gift music is…keep on playing.

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