Silverbelle Charron, Our Resident “Lunatic”

[If you are in the vicinity of Virginia Beach, VA, and it’s in the wee hours of the day/night of the Full Moon, and you see a white BMW with a long-haired little person standing up through the sunroof and pointing a large, 35 mm camera towards the Moon, you should say “Hey, Silverbelle Charron, Oo-oo!” You’ve met the official lunatic of The Jungle. Charron is Silverbelle Sandy’s first cousin. SB SM]

Tuesday Nov 8, 2022 – Full Beaver Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Photography by Silverbelle Charron M. Valleroli

These photographs captured the dramatic progression of the Earth’s shadow moving across the Moon’s surface, ultimately turning into a deep orange red Blood Moon during the Total Lunar Eclipse, viewed from “Villa Valleroli” in Virginia Beach, VA. The 11 photos show the changing appearance of the Moon as it traveled into and out of the Earth’s shadow at various phases and stages during the total lunar eclipse.

1 – Full Beaver Moon shines brightly at 0130 A.M. prior to Eclipse starting. In a full moon, the side that faces towards our planet earth is fully illuminated, appearing like a beautiful perfect circle in the night sky
2 – Full Beaver Moon Penumbral stage of eclipse begins 0302am
3 – Partial Umbra begins, 4:09am
4 – Total eclipse begins 5:16am Moon starting to turn red
5 – The Big Bite. Partial phase. Moon enters the Umbra (darker part of Earths shadow)
6 – Partially eclipsed Beaver Blood Moon dims
7 – Totality begins. Part of the disk is not yet inside Earth’s umbra (at right), while the part inside the umbra (at left) is turning a shade of red.
8 – Totality in progress Beaver Blood Moon Eclipse

9 – TOTALITY – GREATEST ECLIPSE 5:59am. Whole moon fully eclipsed inside the umbra during the total eclipse phase, turning a dramatic red color called a Blood Moon.

  • Totality lasted for 1hour, 25 minutes
  • The only sunlight reaching the Moon during the full eclipse passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. “You are actually seeing every sunrise and every sunset occurring around the Earth at once. All of that light will be projected on to the Moon,” explains Dr Gregory Brown,
    astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.
  • 10 –Total Eclipse ending. Beaver Blood Moon moves out of Umbra 6:41am
    11 – Goodbye My Moon! The Nov 2022 Beaver Moon moves out of Umbra to the Penumbral as it sets to the West and out of my line of sight, where it reverses itself back to a normal full moon as it set below the horizon, ending at 8:56am. The entire eclipse unfolded over a period of nearly six hours. The Penumbral eclipse began at 3:02am with Earth’s darker inner shadow, or “umbra” at 4:09am before turning a deep red-orange “Blood Moon” reaching its greatest totality at 5:59am, ending totality at 6:41am, then eventually reversing on the other side, ending at 8:56 A.M. This was the last total lunar eclipse for the next 3 years. Next one is scheduled for March 14, 2025.

Save the Date! THE END

I was absolutely “over the moon” when I got shots 7 through 10 as thick clouds rolled in and out, moving across the sky slowly.  I waited with a mug of hot chocolate, my Ipad on NASA and Iphone on an astro photogrphers site, both broadcasting  and talking about the clouds,  and kept shooting away like a crazy person and caught them between clear spots. I was lucky here as Florida got socked in when we had clear spots as clouds moved across the sky.

I didn’t realize I had them until I downloaded from my camera to my Imac and they filled my 27″ screen.  Mamma Mia!  

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