Field of Dreams

[This is an excerpt from Grendel: the Four-Chord Opera, Part 1 of which is now accessible with its own page on Silverback Digest. In this installment the co-protagonists, Greg and Del describe the fateful moment when their musical paths first crossed. SB SM]

The Boys Meet

Del: We went to a private boys school called Obediah Brown. It was a very elite, expensive school. Greg was there because his father was a big shot attorney and the family had tons of money. I was there because my mom worked as a secretary at a girls school that had an affiliation agreement with our school that allowed the children of employees to attend tuition-free.

Greg: Even though we went all through high school, we didn’t know each other well.

Del: That’s because you were in all the honors classes, while I was with the rank and file.

Greg: The first time I remember anything about you was on the first day of baseball practice, freshman year.

Del: Even though we were on the same team, we still didn’t talk much. But then I heard that Greg was learning to play the guitar, which I was, too.

Let’s wrap this by having Frank and Gene take us all out to the ball game.

man playing guitar on rough terrain

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