Field of Dreams

[This is an excerpt from Grendel: the Four-Chord Opera, Part 1 of which is now accessible with its own page on Silverback Digest. In this installment the co-protagonists, Greg and Del describe the fateful moment when their musical paths first crossed. SB SM]

person playing brown guitar

Grendel: The Four-Chord Opera is a collaboration of two guys who played together in a Rhode Island garage band in the 1960s. This is a fictionalized account of lives that took different paths, but always remained connected by strands of shared music. These are not professional musicians or performers, just two guys who still play. They are novices in technology, playing by ear. They set a budget of $0, and used cell phones to record images and sound.

The Boys Meet

Del: We went to a private boys school called Obediah Brown. It was a very elite, expensive school. Greg was there because his father was a big shot attorney and the family had tons of money. I was there because my mom worked as a secretary at a girls school that had an affiliation agreement with our school that allowed the children of employees to attend tuition-free.

Greg: Even though we went all through high school, we didn’t know each other well.

Del: That’s because you were in all the honors classes, while I was with the rank and file.

Greg: The first time I remember anything about you was on the first day of baseball practice, freshman year.

Del: Even though we were on the same team, we still didn’t talk much. But then I heard that Greg was learning to play the guitar, which I was, too.

Let’s wrap this by having Frank and Gene take us all out to the ball game.

man playing guitar on rough terrain

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