The Middle Finger

[We’re not trying to get your week off to a bad start, but as you fight the traffic on your morning commute and people are “flipping you the bird,” as we say in The Jungle, roll down your wind and explain to them about the battle of Crécy. SB SM]

The middle finger.

Few know that this gesture originated during the 116-year war (1337-1453), between the French and the British.

Before the battle of Crécy (Crécy, north of France, 26.08.1346), Philip VI of France ordered his knights to cut off the middle finger of the hand of all the Englishmen who would be caught after the victory, so that they could never again use the bow or hold the sword conveniently.

English soldiers showing both fingers to French fighters. France soldiers threatened to cut off the fingers of captured archers, to prevent them from being able to fire arrows. The British gesture would, therefore, be a provocation.

After the battle, the victorious English triumphed, they showed the French their middle finger as a symbol of victory.

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