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[To some extent we are all Foodies, but I find Adam Ragusea particularly informative and engaging. He’s a little too young to be considered a Silverback, but he’s certainly headed in the right direction. Yet another good suggestion that came by way of the Recomendo newsletter. SB SM]

By far the nerdiest food YouTube channel out there is Adam Ragusea with 2 million followers. He dives deep into the chemical nature of foods, such as what happens with smoking meat at the molecular level, why fennel and liquorice taste the same, or what is the chemical that makes the smell of rain. But also definitively answers many useful questions like “do the eggs of happy chickens taste better?” He references obscure scientific journals, does his own experiments, and mixes in delicious recipes you can follow yourself. He is one of the best science communicators working today. I recommend Ragusea’s food science playlist for the full course. — Kevin Kelly

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