Survival, Anyone?

Is the world looking stupid to you? Does humanity appear to be in a race towards the bottom? Are you tired of reading about which billionaire is having an affair with which billionaire’s wife? Do you care about the most recent outrageous celebrity indulgence? Are you fascinated by increasingly bizarre, inexplicable human behavior? Here’s my advice:

  1. Surround yourself with beauty
  2. Keep your sense of humor
  3. 3. Read Silverback Digest on a daily basis.

One thought on “Survival, Anyone?

  1. Great suggestions for anyone watching the downfall of common sense while selfishness and self indulgence replace it. I also donate to my favorite charities, usually related to animal welfare. Not sure it makes up for the diminished sanity around us but I do feel a bit better doing so. Lovely flowers by the way.

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