My Buddy, Ed

[This material, text and images, was posted on Facebook by Silverbelle Emily (Tunbridge SBs). We will have additions postings featuring one of the great original SBs, Ed Koren. SB SM]

Our dear friend, Ed, is battling cancer. It is inconceivable to imagine Ed aging, or unwell, since he has always been able to leave anyone in the dust when he bikes, runs, skis, or cracks wry jokes. Literally impossible to think of him and not think of perpetual energy, intelligence, and laughter. The entire community of Brookfield showed up today to give him support. Including the fire department where Ed was Captain for so many years, and the surrounding town’s departments as well. When we got home, I noticed that all over our house, little bits of Ed are everywhere. Clothing, books, bags, dishes, prints on our wall, snapshots, cartoons on the ‘fridge, he even designed our wedding invitation. His wit and talent touches us every day and always will. As was shouted from a hundred mouths this afternoon: “WE LOVE YOU, ED!”

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  1. All our best to fellow Silverback Ed. Over the years he has made us laugh a lot with his gentle humor, kindness and great talent.

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