The Jungle Beyond

Silverback John (Mendocino Bonobos) posted these photos taken by the Webb telescope on Facebook. I’m going to let them speak for themselves. We are not alone. We just haven’t connected:

C’mon Silverbelles and ‘Backs. Let’s have a comment on this.

9 thoughts on “The Jungle Beyond

  1. The immensity of the universe is what should astound us all. We all must keep in mind that the these incredible images of the stars are only a minute spec of what is out there. Although difficult to comprehend, the universe goes on infinitely…there is no end. With that in mind, how can there not be many other planets supporting some type of life.either like ours or probably very different.

  2. Truly Awsome!
    But when are our celestial neighbors coming (back?) Either to help us out or eat us and get it over with?

  3. Chances are any other intelligent life out there is as dumb as we are and have probably succumbed to their own greeds and lusts or on their way. Have a good day! 😊

  4. Beautiful!! Reminds me of the movie Contact when Jody Foster takes a ride to a planet in some galaxy where she reconnects with her dead father. The videography was spectacular like these pics. Something(s) out there but what??? As the billionaire in the movie says to Jody’s character: “Wanna take a ride”. I’m ready. Let’s go!!

  5. Amazing Photo’s a gazillion miles away and 1000% better than the bank robbery pics that never reveal the robber clearly. I agree with you, we’re not alone, we’ve just never met. I’m curious what there paying for gas?

  6. It’s amazing how much the microscopic and macroscopic worlds look alike. The immensity of the universe begins to be visible through these photos- makes it harder to imagine a god that exercises the level of supervision described by traditional religions.

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