Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Today on Silverback Digest we bring you something that came to us by way or by way of The site is The Pudding, and here is their self-description:

“The pudding is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays is the best internet rabbit hole. You might have seen our story on the birthday paradox, but we’ve also made stuff about rapper vocabularies and Ali Wong. Some of my favorite projects are about musical generationsrepetition in songs, and gender in comics. So, welcome to The Pudding. Get cozy, you could be here a while. Explore our stories.”

For instance … in this age of restricted travel, suppose you’d like to travel to Peru this morning to learn about Aztec culture, but you have a dentist appointment at 10, and you only have a half a cup of coffee left. Just go to:

You’ll avoid those nasty airports and save yourself at least $5,000 and still be in that dentist chair by 10.

an ancient concrete temple
Photo by Mauricio Borja on

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