Four Acre Farm

At one time the vision was that the four-acre parcel that hosts The Parsonage at 100 Gilead Brook Road would be turned into a working farm. Not a real farm, but an idyllic, poetic model of sustainability where you could sit in the herb garden and contemplate:

Surrounded by flowers and overwhelmed by aromatics you could experience the highest levels of enlightment possible for this species known as sapiens. So enlightened are we that we lost the homo part. (use arrows to see variety of images)

Our place had a name, of course … it would be Four Acre Farm, and in addition to fragrant herbs, exotic spices, nourishing vegetable, wholesome grains, and succulent fruits, it would produce whimsical dreams and lofty aspirations. (Help! I am running out of adjectives!)

The dream, alas, encountered stark realities. There were only so many hours in a day and so much energy in our all-too-human bodies. Four Acre Farm remained in the quasi-world of our dreams as we plodded through the trials of everyday life. But two recent events have revived the dreams of Four Acre Farm. Our neighbor Chris approached us with a couldn’t-be-refused offer to cut and maintain our fields for free in return for the hay. We formally had to hire someone twice a summer to cut it. Secondly, we agreed to host 3,400,000 honeybees on our property for a commercial company of travelling pollinators. Our bees have pollinated peach trees in Georgia and blueberries in Maine. Now they’ll be servicing our garden as well as those of our neighbors within a two mile radius.

This hastily made video tells at least part of the story.

Now … if we can just find someone who’d like to raise pumpkins on this property. Hm-m-m-m.

Look what is tucked neatly into the corner of Four Acre Farm.

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