Bright College Years … The Last Class Book?

(Image above: John Boak cover design for video made for 1970’s 25th Reunion.)

After taking a break for its 45th reunion, the class of 1970 resumed double-barreled publishing activity in preparation for the 50th. The first volume was Places: Recollections from Yale 70 with Photos of Yale Now. Conceived by Stuart Cohen, with ample assists from Ben Slotznick and John Boak (design), the resulting volume is charming and nostalgic, artfully juxtaposing the old and the new.

Photos by Stuart Cohen. Recollections by members of the Class of 1970.

The more traditional class yearbook was managed by the now veteran team of Stephen Morris (publisher), Stephen Frankel (copy editing), and John Boak (design). A new member of the publication team was John Robinson, also Class of 1970, who owns the printing company that provided production and distribution support.

May Day weekend 1970 (photo Bill Sacco)

When the Covid shit hit the pandemic fan in March, 2022, the book project was entering the final chute of completion. While the world at large was dealing with universal disruption, the book portion of the 50th reunion was completed with only minor hiccups and a few last minute heroics.

Kingman Brewster in 1970 (photo Bill Sacco)

Modeled after after the record albums that great musical artists inevitably produce to chronicle the arc of extended careers this volume testifies to one of the most historic, eclectic, distinguished, and unforgettable classes ever to emerge from Yale’s hallowed halls.

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  1. Was “Kingman Brewster” his stage or real name?
    Genuinely happy for you that you had such a great college experience that reverberates with creativity and goodness throughout your life.

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