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Putting back on our traveling shoes

[This year people are bustin’ out of their travel doldrums. Just a year ago, however, we were satisfy travel lust very differently. SB SM]

I know this sounds lame, but a great way to scratch the travel itch is just to remind yourself of some of the great places you’ve been in the past. Silverback Sal and Silverbelle Mimi (Post Island SBs) have gone to some exotic locations that have been magnificently chronicled by Sal’s very professional video presentations.

You may not have time for the entire 30 minute video, but give it its due. I guarantee there are breathtaking vistas throughout. You’ll be saving yourself at least 50 hours of travel time and many thousands of dollars.

My own travel video are much less polished, but they have the advantage of being mercifully short. In this one Silverbelle Sandy and I take on the challenge of Angel’s landing in Zion National Park.

And in this one, on the other side of the planet, in Scotland, we visit an ancient Pict burial site.

2 thoughts on “Scratching the Travel Itch – Recycle Old Trips

  1. Louisa and I went to Zion before we had Maya, so over 26 years ago. We were there in early April, and got hit with a blizzard that dumped 4-5″ of snow, highly unusual for that time of year. We hiked in it, but turned back when we got white-out conditions. Once it cleared, the sun glistened off the freshly fallen snow, and it was gorgeous. On another note, in the video Sandy says at one point, “Should I call Tully?” Tully, N.Y.? My father was raised there. At one time, the population was 300. When I covered the Harvard-Yale football game some years ago, I photographed a student from Yale wearing a T-shirt that said, “I’m from Tully, where cows outnumber people!”

    1. Jon–

      Tully is Sandy’s beloved grandson, currently in his senior year at Yale. They can talk on the phone for hours.

      The week before we visited Zion some hikers were killed when a flash flood trapped them in a box canyon.


      On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 8:34 AM The Silverback Digest wrote:


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