Enough Fun?

Got some spare time this morning? Next time you look at your watch it will be time for lunch.

Here’s what’s going on a mile beneath the surface of the ocean:

Want to dispel some misconceptions? Here’s a list from Wikipedia:


Spend a couple of minutes with this, and I guarantee you will find something to argue with your spouse/partner/roommate/neighbor about. My favorite is the “Best if used by date” that appears on all packaged foods that my wife insists is synonymous with “Discard by (date).”

Joke #1: A man lay dying, his wife holding his hand, and he said, “Darling, you’ve stuck with me through two heart attacks, a stroke, prostate cancer, the hailstorm that wiped out the beans, the tornado that blew the roof off, and now this brain cancer, and you know something? I’m starting to think you’re bad luck.”

Joke #2: A blond cowboy walks into town. You can tell he’s blond, because his hair is sticking out from his hat, which is all he is wearing, except for his boots. The sheriff walks up to him with a puzzled look and says “What’s this all about?”

The blond cowboy says “Last night I was at the saloon having me a couple of drinks, and this lady starts talking to me, and we had a couple more, then she says ‘I’m passing through town in my motor home. Want me to show it to you? I said SURE, so we go there and before long she’s taken off her top, so I took off my top. Then, a few minutes, I look over and she’s dropped her britches, so I take off my britches. Next, she’s lying on the bed, buck-naked, and she says “Go to town, cowboy … so here I am!”

Enough fun for one day!

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